The EU Accession – New Business Opportunities on the Romanian IT&C Market

May 17th, 2007

The EU AccessionThe Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Zsolt Nagy, attended the reunion “Romania after EU Accession – New Business Opportunities” that took place in Budapest, Hungary.

„From the reduction of tariffs for communications services and information technology, as a result of the competition growth, to the access to the structural funds, Romania has had much to gain as a EU Member State. In order to value this membership, Romania may use the experience of old Member States such as Hungary, with whom we have a longer relationship regarding the bilateral relations in the field of information technology and communications.”, said Minister Zsolt Nagy.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology recalled the opportunities offered by the Romanian market to foreign investors. Thus, the Minister mentioned the legislative framework for communications and informations technology – one of the most modern in Europe -, the quality of the human rescource, that represents one of the main attractions for the IT&C foreign investors, the financial advantages offered by the unique tax quota and also about the structural founds dedicated to the sector, rating over 380 milions of euros.

Minister Zolt Nagy had bilateral meetings with Hungarian Minister of Economy and Transports, Mr. Janos Koka.

At the reunion, organized with the support of the Romanian Embassy in Hungary, also participated Mr. Janos Koka, the Minister of Economy and Transports in Hungary, Mr. Iuliu Winkler, the State Secretary within the Ministry for Small and Medium-sized Entreprises, Commerce, Tourism, Liberal professions, Mr. Victor Babiuc, the Romanian President of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Florin Georgescu, Prime-Vice Governor of the National Bank of Romania, and also representatives of some Romanian and Hungarian IT&C Companies.
Source: MCTI

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