SaaS just another form of outsourcing

May 31st, 2010

SaaSA business software expert has highlighted the value of software as a service as a way for businesses to move forward.

In a post for ITworld, Mark Patterson explains how businesses have long been outsourcing other tasks and services to lawyers, accountant, plumbers and electricians.

He then points out that the same can be done with software and applications, through SaaS, providing a cost-effective solution and doing away with the need for expensive hardware.

He adds: “We no longer need to have a ‘traditional’ data centre. Companies, and not just small companies, can now forego the data centre and just supply laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices and printers, with a minimal amount of networking.

“You can even get rid of most of the wires and deploy a wireless network. Then, use SaaS applications for everything else. This is doable today, but it was not a realistic option until very recently.”

It was recently suggested that, with budget cuts imposed on most government departments, there could be more demand for SaaS from the public sector.


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