Romania Salutes the Adoption of the Regulation of the Roaming Tariffs by the European Parliament

May 29th, 2007

Regulation of the Roaming TariffsThe European Parliament adopted the European regulation concerning the reduction of roaming tariffs at the level foreseen by the compromise proposal agreed a week before, within the informal dialogue between the representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Union Council.

The regulation for the reduction of roaming tariffs adopted by the European Parliament contains elements sustained by Romania, through MCIT, within the European Union Council. Following the adoption of the regulation, tariffs will drastically decrease to advantage of citizens.

The regulation mentions that the retail tariff (the Eurotarif) of calls, the one that will be effectively paid by the consumer, cannot exceed 0,49 euros/minute + VAT, a tariff which will decrease in the next two years following the application the regulation to 0,46 respectivelly 0,43 euros. Regarding the received calls, the regulation foresees 0,24 euros/minute within the first year and 0,22, respectivelly 0,19 euros for the next two years.

The tariffs for the en-gross market applied to the agreementes between companies for providing roaming services were fixed to 0,30 euro/minute for the first year, respectively 0,28 and 0,26 euros for the the next two years from the Regulation implementation.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology constantly supported the necessity of implementing the tariffs at the level foreseen by the regulation adopted by the European Parliament as this level ensures consumer protection against excessive roaming tariffs allowing in this way the development of the communications sector and competition promotion on the mobile telephony market.

On June 7, 2007 the European Union Council will reunite in Luxembourg for adopting the regulation of roaming tariffs reduction. The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, , will represent Romania within this meeting where he will vote in favor of this regulation.

The Regulation will enter into force day following its publishing in the European Union Journal.

Within a month from its adoption, the Regulation binds the operators to offer the consumers the new tariffs for the roaming services mentioned by the Regulation and to inform them on the current tariff of the roaming service and on the tariffs foreseen by the new regulation, following that the latter decide within 2 months on the preferred tariffs. If within this period they don’t express any option, the consumer will automatically be charged on the tariffs specified by the new Regulation.

The regulation for the en-gros tariffs will be applied within 2 months from the entry into force of the new Regulation.

Source: MCTI

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