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25 international banks eye domestic Eurobond issue

Eurobond issueRomania comes back after a four-year brake to the external capital market, the Ministry of Economy and Finance having announced its intention of releasing an issue of Eurobonds in a value of EUR 500 M some time ago.

Minister of Economy and Finance, Varujan Vosganian has stated that 25 international banks had inquired after the possibility of acting as intermediaries for the EUR 500 M Eurobond issue Romania is going to release on the foreign market.

‘During my trip to Washington early this week I met up with representatives of 15 of the 25 banks with whom I had talks on the intermediation of our Eurobond issue’ said the minister quoted by Rompres. He added that the money raised from the Eurobond issue would be spent on re-financing older debts maturing halfway through next year. (more…)

October 30th, 2007

Betfair sets up software-development centre in Romania

worldOnline betting and gaming company Betfair has set up a new software-development centre in Romania to take advantage of skills as well as low costs.
The company opened the centre earlier this year with eight developers, and there are now 35 staff with the company expecting the centre to reach its capacity of 50 in September. (more…)

August 1st, 2007

Managers estimate third quarter growth in all areas of the economy

marketing increaseNot only production, but prices, too, will rise at a pace comparable to the month of June. The manufacturing, constructions, retail and service sectors will see a July-September growth comparable with that registered in the second quarter, according to a study conducted by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) among managers, Rompres informs. Managers in the industrial sector predict a production growth in both the volume of the manufacturing sector and the inventory of contracts and orders. Managers in the manufacturing sector estimate a price rise similar to that back in June. Employment throughout the sector remains steady, according to 77 per cent of the views expressed. (more…)

August 1st, 2007

Is scientific research reviving?

scientific researchThe 9th National Conference on Scientific Research in Romania has recently taken place in Cluj – Napoca and has highlighted the core issues of this crucial sector of national economy.

Basically, it is about two fundamental features of the Romanian scientific research. The first, a positive one, is identified with the fact that the Romanian researchers have a first level competence, in general. This has been outlined by the European Commissioner for Research and Development during the visit he made in Bucharest, when he specified that Romania has been participating for several years in the European research programmes. Due to this competence, Romania has never been penalized by the EU with yellow or red flags, regarding research, during its preparation for accession.

The second feature, which is a negative one this time, is the under-financing experienced for many years by the Romanian scientific research. (more…)

June 20th, 2007

MCIT Organizes an Informative Session Regarding the Community Programme ICT PSP

Informative SessionThe Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will organize on July 3, 2007 an informative session regarding the ICT PSP programme (The ICT Policy Support Programme), community programme from the Information Society area.

ICT PSP is part of Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) and is developed for a period of seven years (2007-2013), having a total budget of 728.4 milions euro. The programme’s list of discussion includes topics regarding the efficient and interoperable e-government services, e-inclusion, e-health and thematic networks.
The beneficiaries of this financing programme are mostly public institutions but also the small and middle enterprises, in fields targetting the sustainable development, the intelligent machines or data protection. (more…)

June 18th, 2007

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