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Outsourcing Success Tips

by Janet Attard

Outsourcing offers many benefits to small businesses. Perhaps the most important one is that it lets the small businesses  focus on their core capabilities and get other tasks done on an as-needed basis without adding permanent fixed expenses.  But like so many other “solutions” to small business problems, the results of outsourcing don’t always meet small business owners’ expectations.  Missed deadlines, service providers that stop answering phones, work or finished products that don’t meet expectations are just a few of the problems small business owners can encounter when they outsource work to independent contractors or other small companies.

February 21st, 2012

Relationships in outsourcing

By Bindi Bhullar

Outsourcing has changed from a pure client and supplier relationship to a much deeper partnership. I believe that European companies can save billions by outsourcing

IT, with businesses forced to reduce overhead and boost productivity for minimal cost.

It is one thing for a company to get services provided from a cheaper country, but it is another thing entirely to realise that a company’s ability to execute

internal strategy depends on its outsourcer. This is largely because the business has to rely not just on the supplier’s ability to deliver, but also on its ability

to adapt strategically and make changes according to customer needs.

It is this flexibility that defines the move from a contract to a partnership, creating a whole new world of possibilities. But trust is fundamental here. Strictly

defined contracts can only go part of the way towards ensuring that things run smoothly. (more…)

February 21st, 2012


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