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IT Outsourcing = Highest Growth Area

Recent research report indicated that IT Outsourcing is the “highest growth area” which shows tremendous spending rate for companies adapting this kind of business strategy.

According to the research report conducted by Garter showed that the user spending rate for companies would exceed £364 billion worldwide for this year. This figure shows an 8.7% increase from the same category last year. Two reasons were identified for this tremendous growth. The reasons identified includes the following:

-Focusing on improving internal processes (more…)

June 10th, 2008

Prepare for Your Prospect’s Site Visit

Large organizations often like to make site visits before committing to an outsourcing project. On occasion, those visits can affect the ultimate outcome of during vendor selection. But are these site visits just dog-and-pony shows?

In some ways, yes. An unsophisticated client can be wowed by fancy buildings, triple-redundant security, and a fresh-faced enthusiastic workforce. But sophisticated clients know to dig deeper – into the facility’s technology, its infrastructure and its operational staff.

Generally, back end operational staff do not suffer from the same turnover that normally effects customer-facing staff. Thus, these personnel are far more indicative of the organization, and their depth of knowledge and “sharpness” more clearly represents a vendor’s in-country management. (more…)

June 10th, 2008


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