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A preface to the Summit

The NATO Summit in Bucharest was preceded by the opening of the International Conference of the German Marshall Fund on the night of April 1, 2008. A major meeting of member and partner states’ experts in international relations and NATO affairs, the event occasioned a brief overview by the President of Romania Traian Basescu of Bucharest’s position on the agenda of the Summit. The Romanian President’s address underscored that the agenda would include, among others, talks on the developments in Afghanistan, on the Alliance enlargement, while at the same time expressing hopes that the North Atlantic Alliance would welcome Albania, Croatia and Macedonia as new members, that the development of the Partnership for Peace in the region (Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia) would represent a step forward in stabilising the area and that the Black Sea region must be part of an endeavour to promote democracy and reform, by means of granting the MAP status to Ukraine and Georgia. (more…)

April 4th, 2008

Outsourcing, Investments, Security Measures and Videoconferencing: What European Executives Think of Global Issues

EU organisations prefer venture capital funds as a source of investment. They also believe that outsourcing is a highly effective way of reducing costs; however, some of them have concerns about poor service and low quality output. And they have adopted various security measures to counter terrorists’ activities. Finally, they find videoconferencing as a tool of communication which reduces costs and travel time.

This is the picture that emerges from a study carried out by Frost& Sullivan’s Competitive Benchmarking Services team who evaluated mobile communications and computing products and services in Europe. The 42% of survey respondents are C-Level Executives, 44% vice-presidents, 5% owners; the remaining 10% includes other companies’ representatives. The majority of the companies who participated in this survey are from Israel (17%) and from the UK (15%). The others are from Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and Italy. Of these 19% have revenues of USD100 million or more and are mainly Information Technology and Telecommunications companies. However, the list also includes organisations from the manufacturing, healthcare, biotechnology/biomedical and consulting sectors. (more…)

April 4th, 2008


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