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Optimize Outsourcing Value by Addressing Risks

optimze addressing risksIT Consulting firm Deloitte has published a new whitepaper titled, “The Risk Intelligent Approach to Outsourcing and Offshoring” to help companies address today’s significant outsourcing and offshoring risks and maximize the value of their outsourcing and offshoring strategy.

The global information technology and business process outsourcing market is approaching US$600 billion and is growing rapidly, according to Deloitte. In today’s global economy, investments in outsourcing and offshoring initiatives have never been higher, or more critical to organizational success.

Corporations are facing dramatically increasing risks as they rely more than ever on other parties and/or offshore entities for a growing number of business and information technology processes. The paper, the eighth in the Deloitte Risk Intelligence series, identifies several trends that have increased outsourcing and offshoring risks: (more…)

February 7th, 2008

Why you should be outsourcing your data centres

why outsourcing your data centresMultinationals have led the way in outsourcing their data centres to specialised third parties. The argument for the rest to follow is now compelling, argues Steve Boyle of Sutherland Consulting.

In the past five years there has been growing recognition across the global financial services markets that they should rid themselves of non-core activities. This means that being a global leader in the world of investment banking, asset management and insurance is challenging enough, without having to create a world-class technology organisation and own all the assets, too.

Outsourcing these functions and responsibilities to a global technology specialist means the outsource supplier carries the risks and not the client – giving financial services companies the support they need to focus on the important activities in hand. (more…)

February 7th, 2008


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