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Osterreichische Post might enter Romanian postal service market

postal service growing in romaniaThe Austrian supplier of post services Osterreichische Post AG could make acquisitions in four countries from the Balkans, Romania included, in order to extend their courier and parcel delivery activities on the background of the growth of competition on the market from Austria, Rompres informs.

“We would like to do this in the next 15 months,” the financial director of Osterreichische Post, Rudolf Jettmar said, while stressing that the Austrian firm targets Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia. In the opinion of Jettmar, these four markets are relatively small but have a solid growth.

Osterreichische Post has reserved EUR 150 M for acquisitions, announced Rudolf Jettmar. In the next three years, the domestic and international express courier market from Romania could exceed half a billion Euro, three times more than the current value. (more…)

November 29th, 2007

Outsourcing’s five Ws

who what where when and whyJournalism schools teach novice reporters that news stories must provide answers to five W’s: who, what, where, when and why. Corporate officials involved in outsourcing should study those five Ws because the answers to those questions can help minimize costly mistakes.

Outsourcing is now an estimated $386 billion-a-year global phenomenon. It’s not just Western companies outsourcing to Asia and the Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean anymore. Everybody’s doing it. Last month, for example, India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) announced plans “to completely outsource its onshore drilling rig requirements.” (more…)

November 29th, 2007

Know who you are dealing with when outsourcing

Know who you are dealing with when outsourcingWhat makes some outsourcing arrangements successful, while others fail at the first hurdle? To identify the reasons behind outsourcing success and, conversely, failure, sourcing consultancy Quantum Plus and law firm Bird & Bird surveyed people involved in managing outsourcing relationships.

The research highlighted the importance of knowing who you will be working with throughout the course of an outsourcing arrangement.

Look beyond the sales team
During the sales process that leads to an outsourcing relationship, there is a display ritual between buyer and seller. This involves smart people on the supplier side painting a bright picture of what the future will be like once the contract is in place and they take on responsibility for delivering the services. (more…)

November 20th, 2007

Trends in the Outsourcing, Shared Services and Offshoring Market

Otsourcing industryAlsbridge CEO and Collaborative Outsourcing pioneer, Ben Trowbridge, says, as the outsourcing industry moves into 2007, higher priority must be placed on staying cost competitive and staying ahead of global trends in the sourcing market.

“Companies want to see the results of their sourcing projects turn out successfully,” observed Trowbridge. “In this regard, we believe our predictions of the market will prove beneficial to industry leaders and buyers in all stages of the sourcing lifecycle.”
Alsbridge proprietary data, public information and current industry trends have led Trowbridge to offer his predictions for 2007:

Because of a tightening U.S. labor supply in technology, accounting and other processes, U.S.-based companies will accelerate their outsourcing strategies to stay competitive. (more…)

November 14th, 2007


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