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CERF 2007 – the challenge of the Romanian IT&C

CERF 2007 the challenge of the Romanian IT&CThe Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Zsolt Nagy, inaugurated the XVIth Edition of the International Exhibition and Conference in Information Technology and Communications CERF, which took place between May 9 and 13, at the Exhibition Complex Romexpo, in Bucharest.

“CERF is an event about what is important, an event which shows the economic evolution of Romania, with a focus on the IT&C sector, the economic sector with the fastest growth pace. This edition brings the newest technologies in booths that look absolutely impressive. (more…)

May 21st, 2007

I Say Tomayto, You Say Tomahto

I Say TomaytoLanguage and cultural differences can cause a lot of heartburn in outsourcing relationships. Here are some instances of how things can go awry

A customer once emailed a travel company to change his flight bookings since the flight he was booked on was very early in the morning. He wrote, “If I took a flight that early, I would have to leave with the chickens.” The offshore customer service representative from a distant land and culture sent him a prompt reply “Our pet policy does not allow chickens on an airplane.”

In another classic situation, the IT team of a company was talking to their outsourcing partner’s IT team. The conversation was regarding the backup work that needed to be done over the weekend. Here is what went on:

Client: So you guys understand that this work needs to be completed before the weekend ends?

Outsourcing partner: Yes, yes, we are aware.

Client: Good. I will keep my servers on and will take the back up once you are done with the uploading. Thanks for working extended hours to help us get this done. We appreciate this. (more…)

May 17th, 2007

The EU Accession – New Business Opportunities on the Romanian IT&C Market

The EU AccessionThe Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Zsolt Nagy, attended the reunion “Romania after EU Accession – New Business Opportunities” that took place in Budapest, Hungary.

„From the reduction of tariffs for communications services and information technology, as a result of the competition growth, to the access to the structural funds, Romania has had much to gain as a EU Member State. In order to value this membership, Romania may use the experience of old Member States such as Hungary, with whom we have a longer relationship regarding the bilateral relations in the field of information technology and communications.”, said Minister Zsolt Nagy.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology recalled the opportunities offered by the Romanian market to foreign investors. Thus, the Minister mentioned the legislative framework for communications and informations technology – one of the most modern in Europe -, the quality of the human rescource, that represents one of the main attractions for the IT&C foreign investors, the financial advantages offered by the unique tax quota and also about the structural founds dedicated to the sector, rating over 380 milions of euros. (more…)

May 17th, 2007

Oracle Invests in the Creative Talent and Technical Excellence of the Romanian Specialists

Oracle Invests in the Romanian SpecialistsThe Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Zsolt Nagy, met the representatives of Oracle Corporation, one of the main foreign investors on the Romanian IT&C market.

During this meeting the positive results fo the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2004 between the Romanian Government, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and Oracle Corporation, were discussed.

Based on this Memorandum of Understanding the American corporation initiated in Romania an extensive program of investments whose result was the opening of more than 10 global services and Oracle technology centers that employ more than 1000 people. Moreover, Oracle Corporation launched a series of educational programmes that allowed the direct transfer of know-how and the consolidation of the human resource capable of supporting the knowledge based economy in Romania. (more…)

May 14th, 2007

Outsourcing security: Worry about cost or focus?

Outsourcing securityToo often we focus on the total cost of ownership of managed security services vs. the cost of doing things in-house

Security work is a lot of fun. There’s always some new threat or technology just over the horizon, challenging our assumptions and existing controls. Things are changing so fast that is it almost impossible for a single person to have a broad view of security in all areas of IT. Even large companies rely on a handful of security specialists to create policies and design security controls across all applications and networks. If your security staff is spread too thin, however, they end up spending most of their time reacting to security problems rather than planning and securing emerging technologies and applications. That’s one reason why managed security services are gaining acceptance. (more…)

May 14th, 2007

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