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Get more from outsourcing

more from outsourcingMost of us fear outsourcing, and with reason: Our jobs are on the line. Still, most of us work for organizations that will engage in one or more outsourcing deals. Learning how to deal with the changes outsourcing brings can actually work in our favor. Here are some tips.

Work on the outsourcing relationship. Most companies put little time or effort into these relationships, which soon become little more than a battle over invoices, due dates and other contract-related issues.

It’s critical to treat the relationship formally, assigning specific point personnel to handle it (even if at this point you have only a small internal office of the CIO). This is especially critical when most of the people on the “other side” are your own ex- colleagues. You might like the “feel good” factor of seeing your former colleagues continue to identify themselves as members of your team, but beware. I’ve seen some who still did that 18 years into an outsourcing relationship. The problem is that those people never made the transition to representing their new employer and thus were unable to bring its best thinking to bear on the client’s interests. (more…)

May 29th, 2007

Romania Salutes the Adoption of the Regulation of the Roaming Tariffs by the European Parliament

Regulation of the Roaming TariffsThe European Parliament adopted the European regulation concerning the reduction of roaming tariffs at the level foreseen by the compromise proposal agreed a week before, within the informal dialogue between the representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Union Council.

The regulation for the reduction of roaming tariffs adopted by the European Parliament contains elements sustained by Romania, through MCIT, within the European Union Council. Following the adoption of the regulation, tariffs will drastically decrease to advantage of citizens. (more…)

May 29th, 2007

Eastern Europe competes for share of the IT outsourcing cake

share of the IT outsourcing cakeThe rise and rise of Bangalore as the centre of outsourcing could be under threat from new challengers nearer to Europe’s commercial heart. Increasingly, companies are being attracted to workforces in countries such as Romania, which, a report suggests, have better language skills and a keener understanding of their clients than competitors further east.

A survey of European chief information officers (CIOs) found that nearly 90 per cent would prefer a more local supplier for at least some of their IT services and that just under a third had unsatisfactory experiences with companies in more distant countries, such as India and China.

In the KPMG survey of more than 100 companies, more than half of CIOs said that they planned to boost spending on suppliers in Central and Eastern Europe, including Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary; less than a third forecast similar increases in Asia’s emerging markets. (more…)

May 25th, 2007

The European e-Government Awards 2007

European e-Government Awards 2007Until June 11, 2007 the public administration institutions which provide electronic services may register in the European eGovernment Awards 2007 for winning an Excellency award in the field.

Participating in this contest offers the applicants multiple opportunities such as: participation in a thematic network, growth of visibility, dissemination of the experience and knowledge acquired, and especially the possibility to obtain the Good Practice Label for the cases developed. Moreover, the finalists may exhibit their cases at the Ministerial Conference in Lisbon and they will have the chance to gain 1 of the 5 eGovernment Awards 2007 offered on this occasion. The Portuguese Presidency will finance the travelling cost to Lisbon for all finalists.

The evaluation criteria considered for selecting the finalists are: evidence of impact, evidence of, or potential for sharing good practice, understanding of multi-channel aspects, innovation and management efficiency, overall impression and communications capacity. (more…)

May 25th, 2007

Collaborative outsourcing may be the way to go

outsourcing collaborativeThe key theme of industry researcher Gartner’s conference in London earlier this year was “Strategic Multisourcing” or the ability to work with multiple vendors for undertaking all the contextual work that that is better left to third party providers, while a company focuses on what is truly core to its own operations.

For many of the Fortune 1000 and FTSE 100 companies, this is not a new theme, for some of them have developed and sustained outsourcing relationships with half-a-dozen or more partners, for over a decade now. (more…)

May 21st, 2007

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