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Top Trends 2007

21The 30 Most Important IT Trends for 2007
Thousands of IT executives contributed to a year’s worth of data that reveals the direction of the industry.

When it comes to IT, change may very well be the only thing CIOs can depend on in 2007. That’s what the editors at CIO Insight found when we took each of the 13 surveys we conducted in 2006 and put them under the microscope to project next year’s 30 major trends. We break out 2007’s trends into four different categories: Strategy, Management, Security, and Technology. But they are all closely related. And each trend contains a wealth of information and statistics gleaned directly from the source: CIOs, CTOs, and other high-level technology executives. So look closely.

Will service-oriented architecture take a big step forward next year? Will outsourcing take a step backward? Will businesses finally learn how to measure the value of IT? These are just some of the predictions we make based on a full year’s worth of data. Read on to see what kind of year you can expect in 2007. (more…)

January 26th, 2007

How changes in the outsourcing world will affect outsourcing in 2007

20To paraphrase Robert Kennedy, we live in interesting outsourcing times. As we face 2007, two forces are gathering speed like hurricanes brewing in the ocean. I foresee major changes occurring as these trends blow through the marketplace.

Trend No. 1: A Dramatic Increase in Demand
The first change is the dramatic increase in demand for outsourcing. One stimulus for this increased demand is buyers have discovered the value of labor arbitrage and now understand how to use this powerful business advantage. Those vaunted savings are real! And outsourcing has become (finally) an accepted business practice, shortening the learning curve and the sales cycle. (more…)

January 26th, 2007

Outsourcing and Offshoring Predictions for 2007

19Alsbridge CEO and collaborative outsourcing pioneer Ben Trowbridge says as the outsourcing industry moves into 2007, higher priority must be placed on staying cost competitive and staying ahead of global trends in the sourcing market.

“Companies want to see the results of their sourcing projects turn out successfully,” observed Trowbridge. “In this regard, we believe our predictions of the market will prove beneficial to industry leaders and buyers in all stages of the sourcing lifecycle.” (more…)

January 26th, 2007

Everest study predicts 30% finance & accounting outsourcing growth in 2007

18The global Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) market is predicted to grow in excess of 30 percent in 2007 as the global infrastructure matures to enable F&A solutions that take advantage of low-cost offshore talent and robust supplier process offerings underpinned by F&A technology, according to a new report released today by the Everest Research Institute.

The global FAO market has grown by more than 45 percent since the beginning of 2005 and reached $2 billion in expenditures in the United States last year, according to the Institute’s Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Annual Report 2006. The study reports North America-based contracts continue to account for over half of FAO revenues, with increasingly rapid growth in Continental Europe. Among the industry verticals, manufacturing and energy and utilities are leading the FAO adoption, capturing nearly 50 percent of the market. Retail and financial services are the most under-penetrated sectors with high untapped demand. (more…)

January 13th, 2007

Outsourcing means opportunity

17IT professionals can see the shift as a threat or the chance to learn new skills, earn bonuses and expand their horizons. But it’s their job to make sure the transition runs smoothly for users

The news comes down from the executive suite that the organization is outsourcing some or all of its information technology (IT) functions. Reaction to this news runs the complete spectrum from “I’m going to lose my job,â€? to “Wow, look at all these new opportunities.â€? As a true IT professional, what does it mean to you?
Outsourcing is a time of massive change for all parties involved. For the IT professional this creates numerous opportunities to demonstrate leadership and help both the divesting organization and the outsourcing company provide value to their customers and ownership. (more…)

January 13th, 2007

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