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New Offshore Hot Spots: 2005 and Beyond

7New Offshore Hot Spots: 2005 and Beyond

2004 was a great year for outsourcing. Entrenched BPO hubs like India, Philippines, Canada, Ireland, and even China increased their market share. While India strengthened its hold on the BPO suppliers’ market, other players continued to thrive, expanding niche capabilities. But the real competition begins in 2005 as the foreign offshore market is poised to expand into new geographies across the globe. The key drivers of expansion in the upcoming year — lower costs, bilingual language skills, and geographical and cultural affinities, along with continued expansion into niche capabilities and value-added service offerings-will separate the new winners from the losers as the next wave of global outsourcing hot spots emerge. Here’s a forecast on the countries we believe may be the frontrunners to grab the limelight this year. (more…)

January 6th, 2005


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