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Romania the favorite offshore location in Europe.

arrow Close to any European location
arrow Well educated and multilingual labor pool
arrow Cost
arrow Time zone and infrastructural advantages
arrow Cultural affinities
arrow Language skills
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Top 10 Reasons Companies Outsource

bullet Reduce and control operating costs
bullet Improve company focus
bullet Gain access to world-class capabilities
bullet Free internal resources for other purposes
bullet Resources are not available internally
bullet Accelerate reengineering benefits
bullet Function difficult to manage/out of control
bullet Make capital funds available
bullet Share, reduce risk
bullet Cash infusion

How To Turn Your Small Business Into An Empire by Outsourcing

Many companies are realizing cost savings of up to 30%-60% as a result of outsourcing.
Companies now consider outsourcing their functions: sales force, research and development, billing, procurement and even human resources.
This approach allows a company to concentrate on its core competency, also saving them cost of maintaining in-house hardware or software or staff.
Outsourcing Romania
  • Direct access to highly specialized skills and knowledge required for a specific industry level.
  • The opportunity to offer quality services to clients at a much lower rate than you would normally pay for in-house development.
  • The possibility of improving your image and exploding your capacity to execute projects on a global level.

Outsourcing On News

Romania attracts Western clients due to the high level of technical and language skills of IT workers, its well-developed (albeit fragmented) IT industry, and availability of a vast IT labor pool, largely untapped by IT outsourcing companies.The Romanian IT outsourcing industry is growing ahead of the rest of the economy. IT attracts foreign investors and is experiencing a wave of acquisitions of local companies by foreign investors. Evolutionary transformations, such as further growth and acquisitions as well as a reduction in the level of industry's fragmentation, can be expected.Online marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular with small and medium businesses that outsource their IT tasks. These marketplaces enable access to a wide range of offshore suppliers, provide mechanisms for competitive supplier selections, safeguard transactions, and provide a number of other value-added services. Small companies and IT freelancers from Romania are very active at these marketplaces. (more...)
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Romania alone, one of the Eastern Europe countries that is quickly transitioning to software and services, is home to more than 2,000 software development firms. Romania might not be as advanced as some regions, but the country does its marketing better than anyone. As a result, it has attracted international attention. Several recent events in Romania have placed the country on the international technology map.Many Eastern developers have concentrated on security systems, some of them attracting favorable international attention.Microsoft acquired Romanian security company GeCAD, for instance. Another Romanian company, Softwin SRL, developed antivirus software called BitDefender that won first prize at the European IST awards and has been in the news again for discoveries about the SoBig.F virus. ... Eastern Europe may have sidestepped the worst of the Western world's technology doldrums, and that IT may become the region's most dynamic industry. (more...)
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Besides the cheaper labor costs, one of the biggest advantages Romania has is its multilingual workforce. Most Romanian IT professionals speak English, and many also speak French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Greek, Danish and other languages. (more...)
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Quality of service has become an essential parameter in offshoring, and buyers are now looking beyond labor arbitrage. Romania's well-educated and multilingual labor pool, competitive property costs, and time zone and infrastructural advantages easily make it Eastern Europe's top BPO and IT services location (more...)
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"Romania has the best human resources in the world for IT," said Florin Vrejoiu, vice president of Aries, the Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry, which has some 300 member companies. "Among the socialist countries, Romania was the first to develop computers and networking," he added. (more...)
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